About Us

Rashika Trading (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in the year 2003 for the purpose of Manufacturing high quality Biscuits, Snacks, Noodles, Papadam, Extruded Snacks, and Rice Flour under the brand name “Rashika”

The Business was originally established in 1984 by the founder and the Managing Director of Rashika Trading (Pvt) Ltd Mr. K.G. E. Jayalal by Manufacturing of Fried Maldive Fish packs from a capital Investment of Rs 150/=.

Our factory is located in the cooling hill capital, Kandy,Sri Lanka surrounded with lush greenery and clean air suited naturally for baking biscuits, which has 365/24 production capability for consistent supply of demand. Our modern technology in biscuit making has enabled us to highlight ourselves as the “Quality Biscuit Makers”.

Board of Directors

Mr. K. G. E. Jayalal- Chairman

Mr. K. G. E. Jayalal the founder, energetic strength and the secret behind buildingof “Rashika” also the heart of Hataraliyadda.

Mr. K.G. B. A. Dharmasiri – Managing Director

The own Brother of Mr. K. G. E. Jayalal is the Strength, Guidance, and Knowledge behind the achievement.

Mr. Vijitha Kumara


Mr. Yohan Fernando


Mr. Gayantha Dissanayake


Administration Staff

Mr. Saliya Senanayake

Production Manager.


During our infant stage we utilized very few employees in order to produce our goods and packing. Since then we were able to expand our range of products thus justifying our requirements to fully automate our production lines with the latest in technology to further enhance efficiency and productivity. Consequently Rashika Tradings business was flourishing, but, more importantly Rashika Trading was acquiring a reputation for quality, taste and value. As a result, our consumer base and the Rashika Trading FAMILY, comprising of both skilled and non skilled members has grown significantly.


Our “Rashika” to be the sound of Business.


To be a leading Manufacturer of Biscuits, Snacks, Noodles, Papadam, Extruded Snacks, and Rice Flour in the country Quality product at fair price